Enjoying Database Administration


Events Access

Things have come to pass. I believe my HIPPA rights have been violated. I also believe I have significant evidence of my having exercised my duty to report incidents constituent of Unlawful Harassment. Specifically derogatory or intimidating references to an employee’s mental or physical impairment. I am a DBA and I enjoy it. I graduated Summa Cum Laude for the love of Justice. For this reason I am shifting the focus from one vendor product I am fond of, to the subject in general which I am fond.

Right, now I am working on an Access Program that should simply the management of household activities with delectable results. For the first schema I am approaching the product from an evolutionary perspective. I have created a normalized flavor database, and am proceeding to strategize the population data into it and adjust settings as needed. I am going to add an inventory management section this evening. I figure this to be a more effecient approach to a usable product for my home than alphabetically by ingredient.

After the database is functioning I am going work on career a management tool. I envision bartering my brother's phenomenal web interface skills for part ownership of the venture. The career management section in particular. (I am reserving ownership in other parts to barter for his skills as the case maybe, I further envision selectable styles to customize (within reason) interfaces for each section. Let's see where this goes.

P.S. I am caring for my Dad, and occasionally my niece. I would like to be taking care of my kids, instead of trusting them to people who vehemently oppose my communicating with them and quite possibly actively slander me. Anyway I am harmless, brilliant, and available for contract work in the areas of enterprise data integration, tutoring, and database administration. Check out my LinkedIN portfolio I have stars for expertise.

Maybe if you ask nicely I'll let you play with my Beta.