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Sandwiches, surfaces, and assorted semi-mathematical statements and suppositions

Tasty Torta Topologies by Tom


If a bounded surface of infinite area were to be deformed to a lamina would it still be a bounded surface?


What, if any, is the relationship between the area of a bounded surface and its bending curvature?


If a prevailing pattern of inclusion exists and effects the bending curvature of the surface, does such a prevailing pattern of inclusion deform such as to always realize a change in a particular direction?


How many dimensions must be included in a proof to show that holes are not areas of infinite inclusion? Is a hole in a surface an example of infinities canceling each other?


How does one represent a minimal space with mustard?


If bread could be shown to be a bounded surface of infinite area... err... In the physical world described by mathematics surfaces are non-existent, but none-the-less prevail as perceptual conveniences derived from chiral matrices refracting in approximation of the illusion that is reflectivity.

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